The SSPI project at Caltech is a highly successful example of how a WWII-era building, which had supported Cold-War engineering research, was adapted to the needs of modern interdisciplinary research, merging satellite technology and sustainable energy systems.

Basics, an innovative solar analysis program developed by CO for Microsoft Hololens, uses both digital and physical data to generate mixed reality solar projections in the architectural design process.

We want everyone to have access to VR in their pocket, and are working to break down barriers to adoption.

Parini Mehta shares the highlights of her trip to the 2016 Healthcare Design Conference in Houston, Texas.

Driven by his interest in understanding processes and tools used to construct the buildings we design, designer Chris Kaiser reached out to our contractor at the Biomedical Sciences Partnership Building in Phoenix, to arrange a climb up a tower crane and experience it first-hand.

At first glance the shape of the Cal Poly Pomona Administration Building roof appears random. Madness, you say, but look closely–there’s a method to its madness.

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A look at our process of mapping 5000+ copper panels onto the Biosciences Partnership Building in Phoenix, Arizona using Rhino, Grasshopper, Excel, Dynamo, and Revit.

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