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By: Pilar Mendez


CO Architects’ office occupies the 9th floor of the former Carnation Company building built in 1949. The 9th floor was design for the residence of the family and included a generously sized terrace overlooking the Hollywood hills, the Griffith Observatory and the Hollywood sign. Located on Wilshire Boulevard in the Miracle Mile district of Los Angeles, midpoint of downtown to the beach. One of the goals of dedicating a gallery space was to showcase original, local artists while enriching the office culture, and engaging the local and arts community.

CO Gallery had its inaugural exhibit in 2012 of Infill Fill In by artist Susan Logoreci. Susan’s aerial views of colored-pencil on paper cityscapes reflected on our daily office surroundings as we overlook the West Los Angeles neighborhood, and the Hollywood Hills in the North, and Mid City and Baldwin Hills in the South. The drawings invite the viewer to reflect in the urban planning of our city. Los Angeles the city of discrepant encounters and multiplicity of readings is revealed, as we discuss our work’s role in the built environment.

In 2013 the office underwent a complete remodeling, the new open plan designed encourages the cross pollination of ideas between the design studios and takes advantage of the light and 180 degrees views of the city. For the inauguration of the remodel in 2014, CO Gallery selected HAZE by Jeff Rau. His photographic compositions of the Los Angeles sky light and color as it changes thru the year became the exquisite foreground for the office iconic views of the city.

Since its inception, CO Gallery showcases approximately three exhibitions per year curated by the Gallery Committee joined by a small group of CO employees invited each year to participate in the selection. At the opening reception hosted by CO Gallery, the artist gives a short presentation of their work and discusses their creative process.

At the beginning of this year three artists were commissioned to participate in site specific installations. The interactive and three-dimensional nature of installations designed to transform space were just the expected work for CO Gallery to explore. As we look towards 2016, we hope to continue to expand and explore new artists, possibly include a group exhibition in the future.

CO Gallery is open to the general public Monday through Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm by appointment.

For CO Gallery information, we can be reached at:

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