30 Days Over LA (October 2011), 2012. Archival inkjet print 27″ x 14″

Jeff Rau: HAZE
October 24, 2013 – January 31, 2014

“I am fascinated by the ever-shifting cloud that cloaks the city of Los Angeles in an obfuscating haze: one day nearly opaque and the next offering visibility for miles; one day a blue misty fog and the next a distinctly gray-brown cloud of smog and grit.

“In June 2010, I began methodically documenting the color of this low cloud on the horizon (compared against the more vivid color of the overhead sky). Home Depot paint sample cards supplied a consistent external reference to describe the specific color experience. Daily photographs also captured a landscape that is ever disappearing into and emerging from the haze. After two full years, the daily rituals of color matching, photographing, and weather/air-quality data collection highlight the broad range of possible conditions and explore some of the factors that contribute to these varied results.”

Jeff Rau is an artist, curator, and educator, born in 1978 in the Chicago suburbs and now living in Long Beach, California. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Valparaiso University in 2000. After moving to Southern California he developed an increasing passion for the arts, eventually leaving his engineering work to pursue a career in the arts. In 2011, Rau earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in Photography and a Graduate Certificate in Museum Studies from California State University, Fullerton. He employs photography and other documentary media (video and sound) in a conceptual practice of archiving, mapping, and serial performance. Rau is also a founding member and active curator with Sixpack Projects, and teaches photography and digital media at Biola University.

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