IIDA Haunt Couture 2018 “Horror Scope” – Team Gemini

By Dimitra Dorbacopoulos

IIDA 2018 Haunt Couture Theme

IIDA SoCal’s LA Haunt Couture is an annual event that fuses fashion and design. It is a spectacular evening of networking with a full production runway fashion show showcases leading Los Angeles interior design and architecture firms and student team’s couture fashion designs. Teams can use only materials and commercial-graded finishes typically found in interior design industry and donated by textile manufacturers. Each team was given a specific category derived from the overall theme “Horror Scope” with firms representing each of the zodiac signs and schools representing the four elements. CO randomly selected Gemini and our team based design concepts and a runway routine around Gemini symbolism.

IIDA Reveal Party- Team Gemini / Team Gemini design inspiration mood board

All creations were pre-constructed primarily utilizing fabrics and materials donated by our fabric sponsor, Pallas Textiles, and title sponsor, Shaw Contract Group. Each team was given approximately eight weeks to complete cutting-edge fashions and perfect a runway routine! Our team worked nights and weekends, brainstorming storylines, searching for fashion inspiration and watching YouTube tutorials on how to construct fashion garments.


The runway storyline was inspired by Alexander McQueen’s 2005 Spring/Summer “It’s Only a Game” fashion show, where runway models presented the fashion collection on a digital chess board. Through this initial inspiration, and several design workshops, a final storyline was developed. The team felt it was important to  fuse multiple aspects of the zodiac sign Gemini, so we combined the ideas of the gemini “twins” with the element of “air”, and decided on a “yin-yang” black vs. white color pallet. We also wanted our runway story to play up the “horror” in “Horror Scope”, so our plot needed a darker twist to it!

We created our own game of chess with the queen chess pieces representing the Gemini Twins. The runway show started with the Black Queen Chess Piece advancing on the board (ie down the runway) revealing her evil inner self – the White Queen Chess Piece – who kills the Black Queen. The White Queen then kills the Black Pawns, ultimately “Check Mating” the Black King.


For the Black Queen, we constructed a long black cloak out of wool for upholstery and embellished with black feathers, representing “air” from the Gemini sign. For the White Queen, we added a black and white polyester wall panel fabric to make the queen’s corset. The cage skirt was constructed using carpet yarn, paying tribute to the black queen’s bird-like airiness. The long white train was made from polyester wall panel fabric. The team added 350 LED lights representing the astrological aspects of the zodiac’s constellation.

Day of runway show at the Avalon Theater

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