Meet the Principals: Gina Chang


Meet Gina Chang, AIA, EDAC

Describe the moment you knew you wanted to become an architect. What was your a-ha moment?

I never had one moment, but I have these moments every month or two. Sometimes it’s the feeling when I wake up with an idea I can’t wait to draw, or when I see a young person exceed all expectations, or when you have a real spark of understanding with a client about a project… these are the moments I love being an architect.

What advice would you give to young architects?

You don’t need to fit into a box. It is in fact your specific strengths and interests that make you unique and make you a multifaceted architect who can do many different things, from management to design to technical execution. Architecture is vast in its skills and activities, and the more you explore, the more complete of an architect you become.

What’s your favorite part about working in architecture?

I’m an introverted “people person” — interested in how people think, relate, and communicate. At work, I strive to enhance team communication and empathy; at home, I try to teach my kids values and social skills. My favorite part of architecture is circulation – how people move and this is usually at the core of the design ideas I have. I enjoy designing healthcare facilities — they are high functioning, complex buildings with a sole purpose to serve and nurture people at their most human, patients at their most vulnerable, families at their most nervous, and caregivers at their most stressed.

What is one of your hobbies?

Finding hole in the wall, hidden gem restaurants — mom and pop establishments from every part of the world. Luckily LA has lots of these!



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