CO Architects’ Jonathan Kanda on the Collaborative Life Sciences Building being named to the AIA Top 10 Green Projects List

In the realm of sustainable American architecture, there is no greater honor than being named to the annual Top 10 Green Projects list, selected by the American Institute of Architects’ Committee on the Environment. It’s something only a few Portland buildings or Portland architects’ works have achieved, and most of them have come in the past few years.

This year, the Collaborative Life Sciences Building by Los Angeles firm CO Architects and Portland’s SERA Architects has been named to the list. It’s a validation for this latest addition to Oregon Health & Sciences University’s Schnitzer Campus in South Waterfront (a collaboration with Portland State University and Oregon State University). The 650,000 square foot building, completed last year for about $295 million, had already earned Platinum LEED status for features such as green roofs, stormwater collection for non-potable water, and energy-efficient lighting and climate control, making it about 45 percent more efficient than a comparably sized building designed to code.

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