The CO Architects and FXFOWLE Joint Venture creates a dynamic alliance built on a shared dedication to collaboration in process, innovation in programming, and excellence in design. Bringing together expertise in a vast range of architectural typologies, the formation of CO | FXFOWLE offers new and current clients worldwide the benefits of both noted firms.

The joint venture between CO Architects and New York-based FXFOWLE represents a genuine collaboration between the two firms in all project services, rather than the customary design architect/associate architect relationship. Formed in order to expand each firm’s geographic and expertise reach, this joint venture differs from those that are created to blend qualifications for one specific project.

Although both CO Architects and FXFOWLE have worked nationally and internationally for decades, the joint venture bolsters geographic access with expanded typology experience. While historically focused on different project types, both firms overlap in culture and philosophy. They share a commitment to sustainable design and are industry leaders in their use of advanced building and design technologies.

Each firm maintains its individual identity and operations while pursuing new projects together as CO | FXFOWLE. FXFOWLE’s strength in urban planning, infrastructure, commercial, cultural, and education projects complements CO Architects’ extensive experience in healthcare, science and technology, medical-education, and civic typologies.


Founded more than 30 years ago, FXFOWLE is an architecture, interior design, planning, and urban design firm that is internationally recognized for setting new standards in environmentally responsible design. With offices in New York and Washington, D.C., FXFOWLE’s diverse portfolio includes work of all types and scales throughout the world, and is based on a core commitment to enriching the built environment by creating projects with social, environmental, and aesthetic integrity. The firm’s recent projects include the Museum of the Built Environment in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; Eleven Times Square in New York; the Center for Global Conservation at the Bronx Zoo for the Wildlife Conservation Society; Renaissance Tower in Istanbul, Turkey; and a sustainability study for Tulane University, School of Architecture. Learn more about the FXFOWLE, and review their portfolio of award-winning projects.