CO Architects is renowned for its extensive portfolio of large and complex institutional, civic, academic, medical education, science and technology, and healthcare projects. CO Architects was founded in 1986 as a regional office of Anshen + Allen that became an autonomous office a decade later. Its guiding principle is that technical systems, planning, documentation, and project management are critical to design.

In addition to architecture and interior design, CO Architects provides programming, facility evaluation, comprehensive planning and laboratory and medical planning. The firm has designed major “benchmark” and award-winning facilities for clients that include Palomar Medical Center West, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, Kaiser Permanente, Superior Court of California, and colleges and universities across the U.S. CO Architects is sought after for functional, green, and graceful solutions for education, healthcare and civic and cultural needs.

A Culture of Discovery

We strive to design buildings that enrich the lives of the people who use them – buildings that gracefully fulfill functional and technical expectations, yet appeal as fully to the senses as to the intellect.

We pursue ideas that embody the timeless values of the institutions we serve. We believe good buildings reinforce the coherence of their surroundings and maintain their physical and cultural significance over time. Our senior staff share a common store of knowledge and experience, developed over nearly three decades, that informs every project. Principals actively lead project teams in a practice founded on a structure of participation.


We couple our depth of experience with a genuine delight in the craft and technology of building.

We seek to rise above the exigencies of the program and budget to make memorable places that build community and celebrate the experience of being in a particular place at a particular time. Clients and consultants are collaborative partners in our persistent search for the solution that best fits the needs of the program and site. Design emerges through a creative, iterative process of discovery.