Dedication to perpetual innovation and continual improvement is not only how we think; it defines how we operate. Our practice focuses on large and complex institutional, civic, academic, health sciences education, science & technology and healthcare projects. From inception in 1986, CO Architects’ employees have shared the singular goal of creating lasting impact through design for both the communities our buildings transform and the people who use them every day to provide critical services and expand the frontiers of knowledge.

Our design, expertise, technical systems, planning, documentation and project management each play essential, complementary roles that enable us to pursue this goal as a unified team. CO Architects also provides programming, facility evaluation, comprehensive planning and laboratory and medical planning. The firm has designed major “benchmark” and award-winning facilities for clients that include the University of California System, Judicial Council of California, Kaiser Permanente, Los Angeles Unified School District, University of Edinburgh, Arizona Board of Regents, University of Texas System, Scripps Health and the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. We believe we do our best work when our clients entrust us to balance the biggest ideas with meticulous attention to the smallest details.

Perpetually Pioneering

We strive to design buildings that are at once visually striking and enrich the lives of all people who use them.

With each building we look for the opportunity to broaden the architectural landscape while maintaining fidelity to the timeless fundamentals that help buildings maintain their physical and cultural relevance over decades and even centuries. We leverage the individual and collective creativity and imagination of our expert teams, with three decades+ of knowledge and experience and then approach each project as a chance to begin again and see new possibilities with fresh eyes.


Where expertise meets curiosity

We strive to make buildings as useful as they are beautiful. The people who need our buildings to perform – students and surgeons, faculty and facilities maintenance, patients and physicians – remain our paramount focus. We understand their diverse needs and requirements to create memorable places that build community and celebrate the experience of being in a particular place at a particular time. Each step is an opportunity for communication and collaboration with our clients, consultants and builders. Our design emerges through a creative, iterative process of discovery.

We look forward to our next discovery, together.