We challenge and encourage our clients to adopt strategies in design, engineering and construction that will achieve and maintain high standards of environmental sustainability. Together, we consider strategies that will minimize a building’s environmental impact, ensure its resilience over time, and enhance the experience of its users. Our approach – integrated and multi-faceted – addresses factors such as socio-cultural implications, functional aspects, economic considerations, and procedural efficiencies. All contribute to creating the unique fabric of each project. We propose technologies that are durable rather than replaceable and that add value over time rather than realize only short-term economies. As part of our strategy to achieve high-performance buildings with low energy and water use, we seek passive, common-sense solutions first, followed by consideration of active, systems-based ideas. We carefully evaluate the use of technology and always consider its impact on operations and maintenance during the project’s life cycle. Our approach to sustainability promotes positive environmental initiatives not only in our projects, but also through environmentally responsible internal office practices.