Virtual Reality

CO Architects is taking pre-visualization to the next level—to many levels—with virtual reality technology. Exploring spaces in three-dimensional, 360-degree panoramic views leads to an experiential understanding of how the finished building will work and feel. Now you can experience these immersive panoramas on your own personal handheld device or through a web browser.

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Take a 360° look through our projects on your smartphone.

Place your device in a Cardboard viewer.

Remember to press the Cardboard icon on the lower right.


When the CO Explorer icon appears over an image on our website, there is a VR space to experience.

Click on the icon to activate the space.

Start exploring.


Our history of early technology adoption in service of design goes back to the founding of our practice in 1986. We continually embrace new ways of seeing and experiencing projects, and investigate the potential of new technologies to design great spaces and communicate with our clients.