BECO, Inkjet Print 3 ½’ x 6′

Alan Chimacoff: TAPESTRIES
Opening Reception: February 7, 2013  5:30 – 7:30 pm
February 7 – March 31, 2013

“TAPESTRIES are tied assemblages, multiples of individual photographs, transforming mundane realities – metal grates, stone wall details, windows – into unexpected, new patterns and textures. Printed very large and presented in wall hangings, from a distance they form large, intriguing patterns, while on close inspection they hold meticulous detail – like a fine tapestry or Persian rug.

The large images shift the scale of experience, from conventionally small ‘object’ prints to human size, demanding a change from normal viewing distances – pushing you away to appreciate the large tapestry pattern, drawing you near to view the almost microscopic detail of worn nicks in the metal street grate or the crystalline structure of a piece of granite. There is no loss of detail since each element of a tapestry is a high-resolution photograph.

My ‘regular’ photographs are visual abstractions, largely of manufactured and constructed things. Beyond their frames and beneath their surfaces, they explore the realities of new, worn, and discarded objects: of messy truths revealed; of building surfaces that record the passage of time, use, ownership, care and neglect; of unexpected combinations and juxtapositions; and of others’ artistic explorations, as within the frame they explore the beauty inherent in ordinary and extraordinary things.

Tapestries add another level of abstraction and the speculation that goes with it. The scale shift between element and multiples is architectural in nature – akin to the design of the large, repetitive, building facades. Assembly of the element into these tapestry patterns often requires careful spacing, shifting and detail alignments from tile to tile as part of a dynamic compositional strategy.”

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