Since 1986, CO Architects has been a passionate adopter of computer-aided design and documentation, evidence of our belief in the future of technology. Through the advances made in our work, we have been recognized as early pioneers of Revit BIM software and, today, we are continuing to push the limits of BIM using CATIA. In this tradition of adapting new technologies, we are now using virtual reality and uncovering the role it will play in the future of architecture.

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Virtual Reality

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Building Information Modeling

Since 2004, CO Architects has used BIM tools and processes for planning, programming, design, and documentation. As beta testers for Revit, we committed our largest project, the 740,000 GSF Palomar Medical Center, to BIM and IPD at a time when no precedent for projects of this size existed in that platform. We have received three national awards for our work with BIM from the American Institute of Architects, which called us “pioneers who blazed the trail for the rest of the industry.”

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Computational Design

CO Architects utilizes the latest and most powerful computational design tools and add-ons. These tools assist our designers in exploring different options and variations quickly by manipulating data and variables built into custom software that we tailor to fit our design needs. For example, a highly optimized daylighting and energy modeling plug-in for Rhino 3D can help shape and inform the overall design of a project, such as the Cal Poly Pomona Administration Building.

We are committed to pioneering new paths in architectural design using the latest digital technologies. At CO Architects, we believe in the importance of exploring the technology of tomorrow to help shape the future of our industry, structures, and communities. We will continue to push the boundaries of both design and project delivery to advance industry standards and client satisfaction at the global level.